People love a tour of homes and businesses with unique and unusual features they offer.

On Saturday, for the period of October 8-29, 2016, several local homes and commercial sites in the Central Florida area will be participating in the 21th Annual National Solar Tour being conducted by the American Solar Energy Society, which has arranged for over 3,500 Solar Tours to be conducted across the country.

The Florida Renewable Energy Association, which is the Florida Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, is conducting its annual local Solar Tour on those days (October 8-29) from 11 AM to 3 PM.

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  • launch 10/15 Young Residence
  • launch 10/15 Garden St. Animal Hospital
  • launch 10/21 Wekiva Lake Park Complex
  • launch 10/22 Sholtis Residence
  • launch 10/22 Newsome Residence
  • launch 10/29 Monroe Residence
  • launch 10/29 Bartolo Residence

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FREA is a non-profit 501-3-c organization dedicated to expanding the use of clean, renewable energy technologies through public awareness, political advocacy, and individual initative.

We are the Florida Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society ( ASES ).

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