Florida Renewable Energy Association

All Floridians have an inherent right to a clean, sustainable environment

Environmental stewardship is the responsibility of every Floridian

It is our duty to leave a legacy of healthy communities and natural resources for our future generations

Innovation of thought and action through access to renewable energy education can create enduring and positive change

Floridians can pursue clean, renewable sources of energy without compromising opportunitites for sustainable economic growth

2017 Solar Tour

October 21st and 28th

Florida Renewable Energy Association (FREA) joins the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and hundreds of solar-savvy individuals, installers and grassroots organizations throughout America to showcase thousands of solar-powered homes, schools and businesses.

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Board of Directors

Bill Young
Vice President
Mehdi Zeyghami
Tammy Odierna
David Bruderly
David Bessette
Jennifer Sarzo
Pedro Figueroa
Lawrence Maxwell
Chris Castro


FREA is a non-profit 501-3-c organization dedicated to expanding the use of clean, renewable energy technologies through public awareness, political advocacy, and individual initative.

We are the Florida Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society ( ASES ).

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